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Twitch streamer MontanaBlack suddenly sings in perfect English, amazes thousands – that’s behind it | Top News

twitch streamer montanablack suddenly sings in perfect english, amazes thousands

A video has appeared on TikTok in which Twitch streamer Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris supposedly sings a famous pop song and does it surprisingly well. His perfect pronunciation is particularly striking. This is thanks to artificial intelligence, which amazes many users, but also horrifies them.

what is this video The TikTok channel aiharmonics posted a clip of a dancing MontanaBlack. A popular song from 2011, Adele’s “Someone Like You” plays in the background.


The special thing about it is that the singing voice seems to come from Eris. The song sounds as if MontanaBlack sang to a backing track himself, and surprisingly well:

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How does it work? Behind the video is an AI that can mimic the voices of real people. This has been going around for a long time, although initially it was mainly politicians gambling as annoyed gamers that became a phenomenon.


The entire aiharmonics channel is built on crossing artificial intelligence with music to create videos like this. Even MontanaBlack has been here as a celebrity several times, including with Wolfgang Petry’s “Love, Lost, Forget, Forgive” (1991).

“Fascinating, but also scary”

In the comments below the video, many users are enthusiastic about what they see and hear there. The English of the German streamer, who had “already made a couple of mistakes”, was only “a little too good”.

The quality of the singing is always praised. The song sounds excellent with the voice, which is also well controlled. YouTuber Rewinside comments that he would like to be able to sing like that too.


Actually, MontanaBlack is not a singer, but an entertainer. His career in 2 minutes:

MontanaBlack’s career and life in 2 minutes: what makes him special?


More videos

However, some users are also critical of all of this. Ranger says: “Fascinating, but also scary. It’s going to be damn dangerous in the future,” and receives approval for it. This is even dangerous now, mainly because there are no laws for it.

Other people’s voices can be used for a lot of practical jokes, but they can also be used for darker purposes. Something like this happened recently:


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