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Twitch: Streamer says she received death threats for showing Hogwarts Legacy – 330k see her cry

V-Tuber Silvervale is streaming the game Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch. A controversy arose from this. Users on Twitter assumed they had banned the word “trans” in their Twitch chat: a wave of negative, hateful reactions poured in. In a February 17 broadcast, the streamer bursts into tears. After Twitch streamer Asmongold broke the case, the clip went viral.

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Why was there so much hype against this streamer?

  • Streamer Silvervale showed Hogwarts Legacy, the new Harry Potter game, in 3 streams from February 9th to 11th. There is controversy surrounding the game: some people are calling for the role-playing game to be boycotted due to statements by author JK Rowling that are seen as anti-trans.
  • When people came into her twitch chat and criticized and abused her for showing the game, a conflict surrounding Silvervale came to a head. In the days that followed, she became an irritant for some users on English-speaking Twitter. Among her tweets, which had nothing to do with Hogwarts Legacy, she was attacked, for example as TERF (anti-trans feminist).
  • The conflict escalated when users got the impression that streamer Silvervale had blacklisted the word “trans” in her Twitch chat.
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Anger at Twitch moderation of the word “trans” makes her a hate figure

What was the problem? As the streamer explains, the word “trans” wasn’t intentionally blacklisted by her, but was set as a “needs to be reviewed” by Auto-Mod on Twitch.

The streamer says: She doesn’t understand why people think she has anti-trans views, but it hurts her a lot.


She has always spoken out for the LGBT community and now it is too much for her to handle.

The streamer took it upon herself that she was confronted and attacked on the subject even under Valentine’s Day tweets:


“So much hate for a fucking video game”

This is the clip: In a February 17 stream, the streamer tries to respond to the hatred that has poured down on her in recent days.

She says she received death threats, was harassed and doxxed, and her friends were also doxxed. Terrible, bad things happened. And all because they showed a “fucking video game”.


The streamer is completely dissolved in the Twitch clip and difficult to understand:

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Asmongold is outraged by the incident – ​​the clip goes viral

How did the clip become so popular? One of the biggest streamers on Twitch, Asmongold, has covered the topic extensively. In an excerpt from his stream of 17.2. see the hateful tweets Silvervale responded to in the video (via youtube).

He clarified that it all appeared to be due to a misunderstanding triggered by Twitch’s auto-bot. Asmongold describes the hatred that is pouring down on the Vtuber as already animalistic.

Asmongold room clean
Has radical views on boycott calls for Hogwarts Legacy: Asmongold.

“She knew the consequences of showing the game.”

What do others say about the conflict? In fact, it gives up Twitter some voices saying: Silvervale deserves no pity: trans people are doxxed and killed just for existing. In the case of Silvervale, there wouldn’t even be confirmation that she was actually doxxed.

It then says, “She knew the consequences,” which happens when you show the game and then automod the word “Trans*.”


The fronts seem to have hardened here:

Hogwarts Legacy: Callers to boycott make streamer despair – 2 Twitch stars react brutally