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Twitch streamer Trymacs begs for Counter-Strike 2 beta key on Twitter: “Am one of the biggest creators”

After many rumours, it is finally clear that the successor to CS:GO will be released. Counter-Strike 2 brings a number of innovations and many fans want to play it – including the German Twitch streamer Trymacs. He’s trying very desperately to get into the beta.

Who is Trymacs?


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Trymacs streams confidently in front of thousands on Twitch, but privately he is probably different: “My brother has to order when eating”


by Lydia

Now Trymacs has reported on Twitter and pinged the official Counter-Strike channel directly with the request: “I’m one of the biggest German content creators, I really need access to the CS2 beta”.

There was also an addendum in which he referred to his sidekick Rumathra as “the handsomest man” he knows. He looks at another key for his buddy.

It has only recently become known that Counter-Strike 2 exists at all. Since then, however, dozens of creators, gamers and shooter experts have plunged into the topic.


One of the highlights of Counter-Strike 2 is the new smoke:

Counter-Strike 2: Trailer – The New Smoke


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Why does everyone want to play Counter-Strike?

Counter-Strike 2 will be something of a major overhaul for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which remains one of the most successful games on Steam. The shooter is now 11 years old and you can tell that.

The sequel is supposed to bring graphical revisions, but also improve the netcode, introduce a new engine and bring things like smoke grenades to a completely new level. In our overview you will find all information about Counter-Strike 2.


The beta test of the new shooter has also already started, and the first testers have been able to play since March 22nd. The release should then be sometime in the summer of 2023. Access to the beta is now correspondingly popular. However, participants are selected directly by the developers.

One who must know about the game is Twitch streamer and former Counter-Strike pro shroud, who shares his first impressions:

Shooter god shroud opens up on Twitch about his first impressions of Counter-Strike 2, jokes: “Bye bye FPS”