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Twitch Streamer Trymacs Explains Why He’s Using the Old People Screen Setting – “As Bright As The Sun”

As one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, Maximilian “Trymacs” Stemmler (28) from Hamburg usually spends several hours a day on the computer. This isn’t always easy on the eyes, especially if you’re using White Mode like him. However, the streamer does not want to be addressed.

What screen setting is it? Trymacs was watching his Twitch colleague Reved’s streamer awards and shared his screen with viewers. When they asked him that he was watching Twitch in the so-called white mode, the streamer released a rant.

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the Light mode is actually the default setting of many websites and apps: dark writing is displayed on a light background. Meanwhile, almost everywhere is also a Dark mode or night mode offered.
In dark mode, light text is displayed on a dark background. This should be easier on the eyes, especially in poor lighting conditions, and reduce power consumption with OLED screens.
The argument between users of both modes has become a fairly common meme: dark mode users make fun of each other’s blindingly bright screens. They accuse the night mode fans of exaggerating excessively and thinking they are something better.
The “Light Mode” is often denigrated as a mode for “boomers”, i.e. rather old people.

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Trymacs reveals how he stays awake during marathon streams

Why is this such an issue for Trymacs? The streamer justifies his reaction with the fact that he has explained several times over the years that and why he uses the light mode. This is not just a simple preference.


Trymacs has “exaggerated white mode”: on all 4 screens and additional lamps that would blind him quite a bit if you look directly – “everything is banging white here, brutally hard!”

What is it all for? Trymacs explains that he would only do this for the sake of his viewers. Have you ever seen him tired in his almost daily streams, no matter what time of day? No! That wouldn’t work either, because:

Because it’s as shit-bright as the sun in here. I’m freaking out, I’m doing this for you in white mode!

To back up his point, Trymacs shows a clip of his buddy Chefstrobel, who is also on Twitch and YouTube. In the shot, however, he looks pretty sleepy – that’s what dark mode looks like.


The streamer warns in detail of the dangers of night mode: they would all fall asleep, yawn, be lame and say nothing for 10 minutes.

The supposed feeling of superiority of the dark mode users is probably getting on Trymacs’ nerves. We have included the clip for you here:

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Maybe Trymacs will be able to rest from viewers’ questions for a while after this freak out. However, it is more likely that he will have to endure the mockery of his White Mode for a while longer.

How about you? Do you prefer to visit MeinMMO in Dark Mode or do you like Trymacs and let your screen glow? Have you already had discussions about the different settings? Please leave us a comment with your preferred mode.

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