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Twitch streamer yells at viewers for upsetting superfan behavior

twitch streamer yells at viewers for upsetting superfan behavior

Twitch streamer Lacari has exploded on a stream. Because a certain behavior of some viewers annoys him and drives him. Because some viewers vehemently asked him to play Persona 4 – but when he finally played it, there were no more viewers.

Who is this?

  • Lacari is a medium sized gaming streamer based out of San Antonio, Texas.
  • When he’s on Twitch, he usually plays League of Legends or Super Mario. On average, around 1,700 people watch him.
  • Lacari has been on Twitch for a long time, tearing off about 2,000 hours a year for years.

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Viewer requests make streamers explode

What is it that upsets him?: Viewers’ requests for what to show on Twitch drove Lacari mad in one stream. In a current stream, it was again the case that viewers told him what to play. But he didn’t do that anymore.

Lacari explains: He hasn’t told anyone that yet, but one thing has obviously been bothering him for a long time, which he has “locked away”, but it is seething in him.

Once he was downright spammed from his chat, telling him to play Person 4. “Play it – Let’s play Persona 4 – Come on play Persona 4 – Wow, I can’t wait for you to play Persona 4,” Lacari said in chat. So he complied – when there was so much enthusiasm.


He then waited 10 minutes for the chat to calm down and then played Persona 4.

But the people who were clamoring for him to play Persona 4 were gone by then:

“I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes for the chat to calm down and then I check: And none of the mangy sons of bitches who spammed Persona 4 were still there! Not a single one! Not a single shit guy! And now you guys are mad at me for playing Variety. Then shut up.”

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“Super fans” – the plague on the internet

That’s behind it: The phenomenon he’s describing here is players who are so passionate about a game that they become unpaid “PR managers” or “lobbyists” for the game and want to make sure that as many other people as possible see the game. Therefore, they urge people with reach to definitely show or report on the game.

But they don’t look at the content they are asking for themselves, because they already know all of it and have long since found the sources from which they get their material.

“People asking for things they don’t actually use themselves” really is a thing that drives content creators crazy.


Even worse are people who defend a game against any criticism, no matter how justified. These players are called “White Knights.” These players often appear in crowdfunded games, where the developers expect a lot like “Our players will form a wagon complex around our game and protect it from the evil outsiders”.

Especially “cult games” like Persona 4 trigger this lobby behavior. We also know on MeinMMO that fans of certain “somehow underestimated” games keep demanding that we write more about these gaming pearls – but if you do that, apparently not even these people read and comment on this content.

Games like The Secret World, Final Fantasy XIV or Warframe can serve as an example in the MMO sector – all games that certainly deserve more attention than they get, but which have a strong player lobby.


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