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Twitch: The biggest streamer for LoL comes to Berlin, grinds 760 games in 30 days – looks even crazier than usual

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is the world’s largest streamer of League of Legends on Twitch. However, he has been playing in Berlin for almost a month and wants to prove here that he is also one of the best players in Europe. After a tough few weeks, he has now reached the rank of Grandmaster and hopes to make the final steps to becoming a Challenger.

What is Tyler1 doing here? In America, the streamer achieved everything it could achieve. So he brought all 5 positions in the game up to the rank of Challenger, the highest in LoL. Only the 300 players with the most league points get it.


That’s why he’s trying to prove himself in other regions. He already failed with this project in Korea, but now he’s traveling in Europe – and immediately complained about the infrastructure in Germany.

He has now been here for 36 days and has played over 750 matches. That’s almost 21 games a day. After that insane grind, he’s finally reached the Grandmaster rank. But there is still a long way to go before Challenger.


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54% win rate, but a German clearly tops it

How is Tyler1 doing exactly? At the beginning it started really well. After a few days he jumped the ranks silver, gold and platinum. However, he got stuck in Master for quite a while.


With a total of 409 wins and 345 losses, the North American streamer is still doing relatively well. He had a 54% win rate and earned 732 league points. This puts his account FREEDOMFIGHTER28 in rank 1,010 in Europe (via

His most-played champions are Nautilus and Ivern, with 191 and 106 matches respectively. Most of the time he’s in the botlane, but there have also been occasional excursions into the middle. He has his highest win rate with Karthus, with which he was able to win 65% of his games.

But the way the game is played in Europe is visibly troubling for the streamer. Again and again he catches deaths that almost drive him mad, like in this clip:


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In addition, the rank Challenger is still far away. For this he needs almost 1,000 league points and with each new victory the opponents become more difficult. He also needed almost 20 days for the last 300 league points. Some therefore suspect that Tyler1 could also fail in Europe on the project.

Who is currently doing better? While Tyler1 is struggling in Europe, German streamer NoWay4u is doing much better. He is currently sitting on a project in which he would like to bring 5 accounts to Challenger in Europe at the same time – one per position. That is extremely demanding.


With his midlane account, NoWay is also currently in Grandmaster rank, but with 852 league points. It also only took him 143 games because he had a solid 69% winrate.

At the same time, he has a 540 LP AD carry, a 377 LP top planer, a 417 LP support, and a 319 LP jungler. All have a winrate above 60%.

NoWay has set itself the goal of achieving the rank of Challenger with all 5 accounts by July. Incidentally, the European MagiFelix, who set it up in 2019, became known for this crazy success:


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