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Twitch: YouTuber shows document about secret marriage, divorce and cease and desist order from xQc

For months there has been a relationship drama on Twitch about the 27-year-old streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel. The Canadian was known to be in a tumultuous relationship with fellow Twitch “Adeptthebest,” which ended noisily in late 2022. But now YouTuber Henry Resilent has gotten his hands on a court document that contains juicy information.


What was so weird about xQc and Adept’s relationship? xQc is the biggest streamer on Twitch, Adept is a colleague of his.

Both have always tried to keep the relationship out of the public eye as much as possible, but they have not succeeded:

  • Viewers found out early on that the two lived together – but it was said “they just cuddled friends”
  • Then xQc Adept snuggled publicly in their stream – it was said, “you date each other”
  • But when the relationship was obviously in trouble towards the end of 2022, the fans became more and more attentive.
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Relationship was quiet – ugly separation but then loud

What did the fans see then? There were several scenes:

In January 2023, Adept once appeared on a stream of xQc and talked about a “court order” – it was definitely a sEsports Extrasthat there had to be more to the relationship and breakup than a boyfriend-girlfriend breakup.

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Attention, xQc gets quite loud:


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How did xQc deal with this? On the one hand, xQc would have preferred to keep his private life completely out of the public eye.

On the other hand, he’s on the air so often that his personal life was constantly part of his stream, so he presented himself live on Twitch with English streamer NYYXXII.


It was immediately discussed publicly whether she was now the new woman at his side.

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YouTuber shows court document in video

Here’s what a YouTuber says: YouTuber “Henry Resilent” got his hands on a court document regarding the marriage between “Felix Lengyel” and “Samantha Lopez” in Williamson County, Texas (via youtube).

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According to information from a video dated 1/24:

  • Married xQc and Adept on August 25, 2020
  • The two stopped living together as husband and wife on October 31, 2022

xQc is reportedly not allowed to talk about the marriage

What is particularly spicy about the document? According to the document, Adept The Best has obtained a permanent injunction against xQc.

The injunction prohibits xQc from harassing, stalking, threatening, or otherwise intimidating Adept in any form. In addition, xQc is not allowed to talk about the disposal on social media.


Nor should he send his followers on social media to harass or threaten Adept in any way, or to take unlawful action against them.

Viewers are worried about xQc’s net worth

How is this discussed? This is a huge topic on reddit. Precisely because xQc is considered notoriously immature, whose life seems to revolve only around streaming and gaming.


Apparently, the sticking point in the legal dispute is assumed to be whether the two were married in the traditional sense or merely lived together in the form of a “common-law marriage”. Texas is one of 9 states that have this special form of marriage without a marriage license.

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This would explain why xQc has often emphasized that he was never married; Adept now but could submit this document.

Others speculate about the timing of the marriage: the marriage may have taken place so that the American Adept could enter Canada,


The people say:

  • xQc will now have to catch up on the 10 years of maturity in the next 6 months, which he recently missed
  • xQc is now finally as mature as a 16-year-old
  • Others are already wondering how much of his fortune xQc will have to cede to Adept. This is also the dominant theme under the YouTube video.

xQc and Adept certainly had good reasons to keep the relationship out of the public eye as much as possible. xQc has been the face of Twitch since 2019, no streamer is that popular. This comes with some problems:

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