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Twitch’s competitor relies on gambling and bathtubs and now wants to filter exactly this content | Discover News

twitch's competitor relies on gambling and bathtubs and now wants

After Kick grabbed numerous big Twitch streamers, the streaming platform has now introduced a new filter for certain content. This is exactly the content that Kick has become known for.

In a July 4 tweet, Kick shows a graphic and writes, “Choose your adventure.” (via Twitter). The graphic shows that you can hide the “Pools, Hot Tubs & Bikinis” and “Slots & Casino” categories on Kick.


The latter in particular is exactly what probably comes to mind first when you think of the content on Kick. Because: There is a direct connection between the streaming platform and the controversial online casino Stake.

MontanaBlack also received an offer from Kick, but rejected it. He doesn’t want to be the scapegoat who switches to a platform built with casino money.


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“Come on Twitch”

Why is Kick filtering the content? So far, Kick has not given a reason. On social media, however, it is clear that the majority of users are happy about the feature. Maybe Kick is hoping for an increase in streamers and viewers.


The fact that Kick has been blocked in a country in the EU could also be a reason for filtering content as needed. The streaming platform has meanwhile been banned in Greece, although the site itself does not directly offer gambling.

How is the community reacting? Under Kick’s tweet, several users ask whether they can also hide other categories or individual streamers. HelpLifeAIert writes: “Could ‘Hide Valorant’ be an option? I find it more offensive than boobs” (via Twitter).


simplychristv responds to the streaming platform’s tweet with a poll, referring to the two choices on the graphic. For Hide “Pools, Hot Tubs & Bikinis” and “Slots & Casino” 70.9% (via Twitter). So far, 4,447 users have voted in the survey (as of July 4).

Many make a comparison to Twitch. impendinggreatness writes: “Already implemented? Damn it, come on Twitch.” (via Reddit). For this, the user receives 2,500 upvotes. Others note that Kick makes changes insanely fast, unlike Twitch and YouTube.


This shows that the desire for a filter option is apparently quite large. It remains to be seen whether Twitch will follow suit. There is currently quite a crisis on the streaming platform:

Twitch: The second largest streamer in Europe no longer wants to be a streamer – number 1 is also shaking


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