Twitter forces you to pay to maintain two-factor authentication

Twitter Keep moving in your attempt to force it most users checkoutand the last solution is remove two-factor authentication via text message. This crucial security method, which prevents anyone from accessing your account, will only be available to those people that they pay the subscription of Twitter Blue. In essence, even if you enter the password correctly, you will have to wait for a verification SMS with a code that you must enter to access the account. Now this will be exclusive to paying members.

Curiously, Twitter has not made any official statement. It’s more, nor the Help Center itself of the company still reflects this important change in the security of its users. In short, if it is not paid, the experience of logging into your account will be somewhat more cumbersome. This is because you can use third-party applications, such as Google Authenticator, to access the application. Not to mention the safest possible method, what is a usb key.

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There are many third-party options. you will not lose securitybut it will slow down the time it takes to access your account.

Twitter Blue two-factor authentication notice

So maybe this should matter more. to important people in the social network. It is much more likely that someone you know will try to steal an account to take advantage of your hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, what to Pepitowho only RTs memes and likes waifus.

“We encourage non-Twitter Blue subscribers to consider using an authenticator app or security key method instead,” says the notice that has jumped to users. “These methods require you to have physical possession of the authentication method and are a great way to ensure your account is secure.”

You pay for Twitter, or you’re looking for a method of protection other than two-factor authentication

Elon Musk Twitter Blue Gold Gray Blue

In this way, if you do not pay, Twitter invites you to use an authentication application or a third-party security key in the near future. In this way, text-based 2FA protection is an exclusive feature for members who pay for their subscription service. Non-members of Twitter Blue They will have until March 19/20 to deactivate the method and enable another type of authentication. Twitter will simply disable their 2FA if they don’t change by then.

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In its announcement, Twitter says it reached this decision after seeing “phone number-based 2FA used – and abused – by bad actors.” However, some critics doubt Twitter’s explanation and speculate that the company’s real intention is to add 2FA over SMS as one of the features it offers with its subscription service. The Blue subscription costs between 11 euros per month in mobile applications. 8 euros per month on the official website as they do not have a store that takes commission. It also allows an annual subscription of 84 euros (7 euros per month).

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Whatever Twitter’s true intentions, most users who have double factored on Twitter will have to switch your login habits.