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Twitter will ask for $1,000 a month to maintain the gold verification

Twitter continues to advance its plans to make the company be much more sustainable financially than it was until the acquisition of Elon Musk, and the latest move is to make companies pay to maintain gold verification. Specifically, according to the latest reports, those brands that do not pay $1,000 per month will lose their gold badges. Of course, for now it is unknown when this movement will happen.

When push comes to shove, this verification It is essential for companies. This allows you to quickly differentiate an official account of a secondary account that can be used to dump incorrect or satirical information about said company.


Now, standing out on Twitter with gold verification has a price

Intel gold-verified on Twitter

As revealed by The Information newspaper, they have had access to internal messages that reveal that Twitter is trying to add an extra charge of 50 dollars per month to add badges to each account affiliated with the company. For example, Intel would pay $1,000 to have their official account gold verified. On the other hand, you should pay $50 for each affiliated account, such as Intel USA’s own division in the social network.

“As an Early Access subscriber, you’ll earn a gold checkmark for your organization and membership badges for your associates.” This could be read in one of the leaked emails. “If you want to sEsports Extrasup, Verified for Organizations is priced at $1,000 per month, and $50 per associated account per month, with one month of free memberships.”

Twitter launched gold verification ahead of its show Verified for Organizations (formerly called Blue for Business). This came as an opportunity to allow companies”verify and distinguish yourself on Twitter“. It also allows companies to add badges that display thumbnail versions of their Twitter profile photos to accounts belonging to employees, executives, and anyone else associated with the brand.

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While Twitter has yet to officially reveal any pricing information for its Verification for Organization subscription, there is at least a screenshot of the email revealing the intent to collect $1,000.

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Twitter is becoming more efficient and profitable

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Although the platform works the same as always, and even better, this is being achieved despite the fact that practically 80% of the workforce has been laid off. This makes it clear that there was a huge unnecessary drain on money. Specifically, Elon Musk is engaged in increasing the income of the platform and reducing its debt of 12,500 million dollars. That is why, in addition to the massive layoffs, has started charging for some of its features more claimed.

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Very far from what gold verification implies, it even began to be charged $8 a month for the simple blue check. To this is added that soon, developers will have to pay to have access to the Twitter API. This is very logical, since, for example, we pay annually for a plugin that allows you to self-publish articles on your social networks. In essence, developers create Free API-based payment apps and tools Twitter, and that will be over soon.

And while Elon Musk promised to share Twitter ad revenue with creators, he says that they can only qualify for them if they pay for Blue. The company has also been auctioning off office furniture and other assets after failing to pay rent at various locations. Among them, Twitter’s own headquarters in San Francisco.


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