Twitter’s new rival will not debut in Europe due to its laws

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twitter's new rival will not debut in europe due to

The number of people who access and use social networks on a daily basis is overwhelming, since we are talking about tens of millions of users around the world. It seems that the date they were launched does not matter when we see that Facebook continues to be one of the most used. Now the company Goal led by Mark Zuckerberg is going to launch shortly Threadsthe rival of Twitter, but this will not arrive in Europe on its debut due to stricter EU standards.

Every time a new social network appears, everyone is excited to see what it will offer new to this sector that is led by a few. As we can imagine, the success of a social network in the beginning will be based mainly on the reputation of the company that created it and on what it contributes compared to the others. The truth is that when it comes down to it, if we compare the different social networks, they have a series of things in common which make them look a lot alike. The formula for success based on I like you, share and private messages It’s something they all share.

Meta Threads launches tomorrow in the UK and US

Meta Threads

From there we see differences such as Twitter, which is based entirely on writing short posts, Reddit, which focuses on its communities, or Instagram, which is based on videos and stories. Well, now we are going to mention all these social networks when it comes to talking about Meta Threads. Threads will share part of the characteristics that made popular Twitter and Reddit. As we saw yesterday, Threads will link to Instagram, it will focus on the creation of posts to Twitter and will unite the people who have common interestswhich we inevitably associate with Reddit.

Unlike Instagram, in Threads the focus is once again share written and non-visual content, although it has not been specified if they will also allow images and videos, something that is probably possible. Meta will launch Threads on July 6 in the United States and United Kingdomleaving Europe without being able to use this long-awaited social network. A Meta spokesperson has warned that it will not be deployed in the EU for the time being due to the stricter laws we have.

You can now access the web version of Threads in Europe… but only to read

First Post Threads

This means that those of us in USA and in the rest of Europe will not be able to use the Threads application on our mobiles. There is an alternative and that is that Meta has made available to everyone a web version so that we can see what this social network offers. This means that from Europe we can access Meta Threads and see how the rival of Twitter is. At least that was the idea, because in reality, it is more of a “look but don’t touch“.

And it is that, unless we are from the United States or the United Kingdom, the only thing we can do being from USA is read what other users write. For example, here is the first thread post Written by Mark Zuckerberg himself. If we decide to like, write a comment or share any post, we will take a nice message that says:

Threads hasn’t arrived in your region yet. Until then, you can continue watching content.

UPDATE: It seems that the link that allowed you to see the Threads post does not work at the momentso we do not know if there have been changes regarding viewing the web version from Europe.

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