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Two Overwatch 2 characters are confirmed as LGBTQ+

two overwatch 2 characters are confirmed as lgbtq+

Overwatch 2 is set to launch the first in-game Pride event, starting June 1, 2023 and on top of that confirming the identity of two of its characters.

This does not surprise many of us, since Overwatch 2 has always aimed to have a diverse and inclusive cast of Heroes that many people around the world can relate to. and identify with However, after revealing the sexualities of two more characters in preparation for the Overwatch 2 Pride event and celebration, many more fans were pleasantly surprised.


It turns out that these two characters are none other than Pharah (lesbian) and Baptiste (bisexual)making them the most recently confirmed members of the Overwatch 2 LGBTQ+ roster, proudly joining Tracer, Lifeweaver, and Soldier: 76. The Overwatch 2 team has released a new short story, “As You Are,” which will focuses on Pharah, Baptiste and their identities.

While Pharah and Baptise are certainly a welcome addition to Overwatch 2’s LGBTQ+ roster, some players may be less surprised to see this announcement than others. This is because some subtle hints about these two heroes have been given before.

First of all, Blizzard themselves stated in the announcement that the fanbase has always speculated that Pharah is an LGBTQ+ character, mainly due to the popularity of the fictional ship ‘Pharmercy’ (Pharah + Mercy). Baptiste has also recently had some intrigue from fans directed at her sexuality due to some flirty voice lines that she shares with the latest season 4 support addition, Lifeweaver.


To celebrate this event, Overwatch 2’s hybrid map Midtown is getting a Pride festival makeover, with eye-catching rainbows at every corner and confetti floating in the air. This new version of the map falls into the same category as the other event maps, such as Halloween Eichenwalde (Aldersbrunn) or the Christmas variation of Kings’ Row and Blizzard World. It’s currently unknown if any additional maps will receive a Pride-themed remake or if special skins will arrive in the Overwatch Store, so we’ll all have to wait and see for now.