Two short reads that can teach you a lot about Diablo 4 items and their attributes | Top News

two short reads that can teach you a lot about

Tom Henry

Two short reads that can teach you a lot about Diablo 4 items and their attributes | Top News

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Did you know that Diablo IV weapons have the affixes most important of all your build? They are something like the central axis, so you have to pamper them. The only problem with that is that there are so many different bonuses you can get, it’s sometimes hard to say, “I specifically want this.” And when it comes to comparing the pieces you already have with the ones you are getting, it may be difficult for you to choose which one to keep or which attribute you should go through with the occultist. well, there is a couple of entries in WoWhead which I think can come from pearls.

The first helps you understand how many affixes and what type you can get on each piece of D4 gear: for example, a bow always does more damage to distant enemies, while an ax has a bonus against healthy enemies. Something similar happens with armor, only in his case the list of affixes (pool) with which they can appear are defensive. And what does that mean offensive or defensive affixes? Easy.

Affixes are divided into four categories: offensive, defensive, utility, and mobility. If they sound like something to you, it’s because the power codex He structures them like this, and you will also see that depending on the type of affix we are talking about, they can go to a equipment slot or other. For example, a shield can have defensive and utility affixes (both naturally and imprinted) while a scythe can only have offensive affixes because it obviously doesn’t protect.

That’s where the second link in the list above comes into play: it’s a collection of affixes structured based on its role/category, and in the last few days I’ve been using it often to decide what suits my character best: what’s better, crit chance or damage to vulnerable enemies? In my case I would choose the latter, because my build It guarantees to apply vulnerability to enemies on a regular basis, but I needed a text that told me, “this can fall on you with damage to vulnerable.”

If you’re a veteran of the Diablo series, you probably already know a lot of this stuff; but even so, I recommend you take a look at it when you have time. It has served me well learn details I didn’t know about, like a legendary affix has double the effect when imprinted on a two-handed weapon, as well as keeping a better tally of things I can chase when I reset an affix.

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