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Two SpongeBob episodes censored for being inappropriate for children

If there is an open secret, it is undoubtedly the subtle double meaning messages in animated series that are supposed to be for children. One of those series that we grew up with and we all love is Sponge Bob, which from time to time raises the tone a bit but I will not go into details about the list of moments in the series where it happens.

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Well, it seems that the Nickelodeon series has gone through the censorship scissors in two different episodes. In the US, the content of these episodes has been realized for not falling into the category of “current standard of what is appropriate for children”, and the following episodes have been stopped from broadcasting: ‘Mid-Life Crustacean’ and ‘Kwarantined Krab’.

Mid-Life Crustacean belongs to chapter 15 of the third season. In this episode Mr. Krabs has been tired of being called old and treated as such. To remedy that, he decides to follow in the footsteps of Bob and Patricio, where the latter proposes an action out of tune: steal women’s underwear.

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while in Warantined Krab, which belongs to chapter 22 of the second season. This episode has to do with many similarities to what we experienced in the recent COVID-19 pandemic, from which we have not completely eliminated. A health inspector visits the Krusty Krab and finds what appears to be a dangerous virus, putting everyone in quarantine.

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None of the episodes in question can be seen on open television or on the Paramount+ streaming application.