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Two unexpected characters are confirmed for Disney’s Mario Kart

two unexpected characters are confirmed for disney's mario kart

We have more news for players of Disney Speedstorm, dubbed Disney’s Mario Kart in its announcement for Nintendo Switch. Today details of their new characters have been confirmed

Disney Speedstorm, Disney’s Mario Kart

Specifically, after the premiere of the second season, it was confirmed that the game will be released in its free and complete version on September 28, 2023. You have the details of its premiere here.

Well, the third season of the game will include two unexpected characters: lilo and jumba. They join Stitch, announced a few days ago.


You already know that Disney Speedstorm has its launch planned on multiple platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The game will be available for free on all these platforms. At the moment, the game is in the Early Access phase, which means that the free version has not been released yet. But now we already have a date for this edition!


What do you think? We will be attentive to more details.