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Ubisoft delays the closure of servers of the 15 games whose online and DLCs were going to disappear tomorrow

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Console users will enjoy the DLC, but PC users will not be able to do so after the new date.

We already informed almost 2 months ago which had been bad news for many of you, but now it turns out that Ubisoft delays by 1 month the dismantling of servers of some important video games that came out on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. The multiplayer features were going to disappear, and with it some DLC for PC users, but on console the latter will not happen.


Ubisoft will shut down its game servers on October 1Well, it seems that you will be able to play the DLC you bought and the multiplayer for longer. Ubisoft has announced on its official website that Since the 1st of october The server shutdown begins, but you can still take advantage of the following DLC ​​shown below.


The only thing you have to do is activate your DLC before October 1 arrives: “Activate your DLC before the market withdrawal on October 1, 2022 to keep playing. there will be no impact in the same single player DLC on consolesand you will still be able to download and play them after October 1, 2022,” says Ubisoft, which also confirms that Space Junkies for PC will be decommissioned starting tomorrow.


What DLCs will you lose if you have them on PC?

  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
    -Da Vinci’s Disappearance
  • Assassin’s Creed III
    -The Tyranny of King Washington
    -Memories of Benedict Arnold
    -Hidden Secrets Pack
  • far cry 3
    -Hunter Pack
    -Lost expeditions
    -Monkey Business
    -Warrior Pack
  • Silent Hunter 5
    -Allied ships
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
    -Malik’s outfit
    -Sand Specter
    -Survival Mode Map

It should be noted that those DLCs that were related to multiplayer features will also end up disappearing, but there’s at least one more month to play these DLCs if you’re a PC user. In case you are a console user, you will have all this content beyond October 1.

Single player DLC will disappear on PC starting October 1, but the same will not happen on consolesUbisoft clarifies that there is still a team working on Anno 2070, which will not shut down its servers since there is still a working group in Mainz. This will “update the game and replace its old online services, allowing players to enjoy its online features in the future“Surely this was thanks to the statements that the developers released a few weeks ago.


A few weeks ago Esports Extras made a special about the closure of Ubisoft servers where we showed the 15 Ubisoft games that are running out of online features, and 6 that you should try before it happens. Still, you can still visit the official page and take a look at it yourself in more detail.

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