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Ubisoft has an “improved version” of Skull and Bones up its sleeve

At this point, adding fuel to the Skull and Bones fire may sound cruel or malicious, but nothing is further from the truth. Initially announced in 2017, the game has faced so many delays that many of the people who once looked forward to the swashbuckling adventure are now firmly convinced that it may never even be released.

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However, it seems that Ubisoft still has hopes for the game. In a recent fiscal third quarter financial report, someone asked Ubisoft (thanks, PC Gamer) how many copies Skull and Bones would need to make to make a profit after such a long development period. They also mentioned the lackluster first impressions of the players.

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Ubisoft’s CFO, Frederick Duguetdenied the idea that people weren’t happy with the game, stating that “we’ve been really happy with the playtests we’ve seen in early January, so we’ve got a really strong upgraded version to show players that we’ve still got.” They have not seen”.

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While this sounds like an attempt to rebuild pride after the onslaught of criticism, there’s a slim chance Ubisoft has something up its sleeve for Skull and Bones. But it seems unlikely that the pirated game will be able to get out of the hole it has gotten itself into after so many years of delays.

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