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Ubisoft Revealed AI Tool to Generate NPC Dialogues, Receives Strong Criticism

There is no doubt that AIs are in vogue in the world of technology, whether it is generating texts, images or performing high-impact tasks. Some developers have already started experimenting with them, like Squanch Games, who put some art created this way into their game. Now it follows Ubisoft, which publicly revealed an AI tool (AI or artificial intelligence) to generate dialogues from NPCs called Ghostwriter and which is being heavily criticized.

You can see what it is about in the following video, published on the official channel of the company on YouTube. Sadly, it does not have USAsubtitles.


As revealed in the video, Ghostwriter will allow developers to generate “drafts” of NPC dialogues that serve to set the scene based on characters, situations, and with specific tones. The tool can take a line and generate different versions of it. Developers can then edit them to their heart’s content and the tool will “learn” from the changes to generate more.

According to Ubisoft’s video, Ubisoft’s Ghostwriter AI tool will “help writers perform a repetitive task and give them more time to work on more important scenes,” but some are skeptical.


Reactions to the AI ​​tool (artificial intelligence or AI) to generate dialogues from Ubisoft

If you look at the comments on the video or the replies and quotes to tweets about the news, like this one from VGC, you will see that no one has received this information in a positive way. They accuse Ubisoft of planting the seeds to remove writers from their teams in the future or pay them less. Others scoff that this will further reduce the poor quality of this type of dialogue.

Another company that is experimenting with these tools is Roblox.

Current AI or AI tools for creating text —such as ChatGPT— and images —DallE or Stable Diffusion— have been heavily criticized by artists, writers, and academics. They talk about the risk they pose in the long term, the loss of job opportunities they can generate, and how their algorithms plagiarize existing jobs.


Source: Ubisoft official YouTube channel