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Ubisoft will follow the rest of the industry in the most controversial decision of triple A games

With the arrival of the PlayStation 5, one of the most controversial changes that have occurred in the video game industry has been the change in the price of large productions. Gone are the €60 we were used to, and now 70 is our standard. Some companies have been reluctant to make this change, and there are fewer and fewer.

As you can imagine, Ubisoft is one of those that have decided to make the leap to this business model. Previously, the company had said that they did not want to do it yet, but it seems that little by little they will change their modus operandi. Of course, this, in principle, will not affect your entire catalog.

“Some of our games will cost the same as the competition. Big AAA games they will sell for $70“, said the CEO of the company, Yves Guillemot, to the companions of the Axios portal. Skull and Bones is the first of the company’s titles to move to this new price.

On the other hand, smaller titles, such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage, will not get this same treatment. The spin-off of the assassin saga, for example, will have a $50 reduced pricebeing considered a smaller video game within the franchise.

It will be necessary to see which of the titles that the French company has prepared fall into the group of “big launches” and see their price increased. Of course, this is a movement that seemed inevitableand it was just a question of when the company wanted to start charging more for its titles.


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