Ubisoft’s Star Wars game would have certain similarities with No Man’s Sky

It is a project of the creators of The Division.

At the moment there is only one logo of the Star Wars game from Ubisoft Massive

Some time ago it was officially confirmed that Ubisoft Massive (The Divssion) is working on a game of open world star wars, but to date nothing of the game has been shown or additional details about its proposal have been shared. Now, a new leak suggests that its playable proposal could be similar to No Man’s Sky.

Despite one of the most disastrous launches of the previous generation of consoles, Sean Murray and the Hello Games team have managed to make No Man’s Sky a real success with dozens of free content updates and graphic enhancements, until making the game one of the benchmarks in terms of space exploration. We’ll see what similarities it may have with a future Star Wars game.

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A galaxy perhaps not so far away

As we can read through the Insider-Gaming portal, this Star Wars game from Ubisoft Massive seeks to offer a continuous open world in which you can jump between universes fluidly in the purest No Man’s Sky style. Still, it would be a narrative game with a deep story starring a player customizable character.

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As for the release date, so far no release window has been offered, but the game director could have advanced that the goal is to arrive in 2023. At least that’s what his New Year’s greeting on Twitter implies. “Happy New Year everyone. 2023 is going to be huge for us,” says the creative. “Join the adventure.”

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Being a Ubisoft Massive game we can expect a game as a service with monetization and content support more similar to The Division than to No Man’s Sky, but it can be a very interesting mix for those looking for a space exploration action game set in the Star Wars universe. We will see if in the coming months there are any news about this proposal that could rival even Starfield, also scheduled for 2023.