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UCAM Esports Club Same Squad Announcement for LOL Super League

League of Legends


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After winning the Spring Super League Championship, Murcia will continue betting on the same players in the summer. UCAM E-Sports Club is the USALeague of Superheroes (the most important Riot MOBA game) last spring championship, previously it was the USALeague of Legends team. The Catholic University of Murcia will bet on continuity, and according to Espormaniacos, the players will also decide to continue participating in UCAM in the summer based on “their own decision.” Of course, this type of stability will only occur in the next summer game. Looking ahead to the 2022 season, some lol news UCAM players have already received offers from the LEC or LCS teams and will leave the Murcian club for new adventures riot games

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In the UCAM E-sports club documentary game, this is the continuous news from the UCAM E-sports club players, which was released after the premiere of the team documentary On The Game on the UBEAT channel. This documentary tells the story of the team winning the final division of the Super League.


UCAM Esports Documentary

This documentary is divided into five 10-minute episodes, which can be seen from 3:00 p.m. At UBEAT, Mediapro Group’s multiplatform gaming and entertainment channels can be heard through Movistar, Orange, Telecable, Euskaltel, R, Virgin Telco, TV Player and Deion Communications. In addition, On the Game will also be broadcast on television on May 26, and there will be a special program on May 27, in which all chapters of all shots will be played before program zero of the Super League summer split.

La Liga is a USAhero. The most important game in the League. In the documentary, we can see the story behind the League of Legends team composed of Rafael`Rafitta`Ayllón (Ad Carry), Joao Miguel`Baca` Novais Bigas (center), Pedro`Plasma` Simoes Ribeiro (support) and Maik. Des Jungler and Top Laner, as well as the final 28-minute chapter on the club’s employees, tell the story of a team’s progress and friendliness. He surprised us in the last spring game. league of legends download

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