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Ukraine asks Sony, Microsoft and Steam to stop selling Atomic Heart

Alex Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukrainehas called on the large companies that own digital video game stores to stop distributing Atomic Heart on their platforms. The politician has commented that he will soon issue an official letter to Sony, Microsoft and Valve to that limit the sale of digital versions of this game on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

The reason for this appeal is that mundfishthe developer of Atomic Heart, is of Russian origin (although it is headquartered in Cyprus) and has been accused of collecting data that they could end up in the Russian Tax Agency and the Federal Security Service (something that the study denied, alluding to the fact that it was outdated information). It also affects that the study avoided positioning himself against the Russian invasion Ukraine, claiming that they considered themselves a “peaceful organization against violence against people”.

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Atomic Heart You can not buy physical in Ukraine

Ukraine has already blocked the distribution of the physical edition of Atomic Heart in his country, and now asks those responsible for the digital stores of PlayStation, Xbox and PC to do the same with the digital edition. But the request of Deputy Minister Bornyakov does not stop there, since he calls that the distribution of the Mundfish game be halted in all markets: “We also call to limit the distribution of this game in other countries due to its toxicity, the possible collection of user data information and the possibility of its transfer to third parties in Russia, as well as the potential use of money raised from in-game purchases to waging war against Ukraine,” he says in a statement picked up by

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Meanwhile, Alex Bornyakov has asked players to ignore Atomic Heart alluding to the neutrality that the studio has maintained regarding the war: “We urge all users to ignore this game. We also want to emphasize for the western audience that the game developers did not issue a public statement condemning the Putin regime and the bloody war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine”.

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For now, Atomic Heart It is still available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. In vandal you can read our analysis and consult our guide.