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UL Solutions Released AMD FSR 2 Technology Feature Test

UL released a new feature test for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) upscaling technology. The new technology AMD FSR 2 3DMark Feature Test is now available in 3DMark Advanced and Professional editions.

This enhancement will help users compare the performance and image quality of AMD FSR 2.2 technology, thanks to a traditional rendering approach using Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA). The feature test also includes the 3DMark frame inspection tool, which allows you to check image quality with an interactive side-by-side comparison of AMD FSR 2 technology and native resolution rendering.


AMD FSR Technology Feature Test 2 is a free upgrade to 3DMark Advanced and Professional Edition, which can be purchased at Steam or directly from the website of UL Solutions Benchmarks.

For users who already have 3DMark, but purchased it before October 12, 2022, it will be necessary to purchase the Speed ​​Way update, to unlock the AMD FSR 2 technology feature test. To read more about the updates and improvements from 3DMark click here.

To run the updates, users must have an AMD FSR 2 compatible GPU. FSR is an open source technology developed by AMD, compatible with a wide range of GPUs from all manufacturers. For an official list of supported GPUs from all manufacturers, see the User’s guide from 3DMark.