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Undecember release shows Pay2Win shop, which is strongly reminiscent of Diablo Immortal

Most players would have looked something like this or something similar when they first visited the Undecember shop.

Most players would have looked something like this or something similar when they first visited the Undecember shop.

You might enjoy Undecember if you’re looking for new Diablo alternatives and you’ve played Lost Ark enough. The action RPG takes exactly the same line and is now available for free on PC, Steam Deck, iOS and Android. However, since the launch, the wind has turned and there has been a fair amount of criticism for the very expensive real-money shop, which also relies on Pay2Win monetization.

Undecember was so promising, but now it’s getting criticism for the Pay2Win shop

Actually, we were very optimistic about Undecember – and we weren’t alone. The demo played very well and looked fantastic. The whole thing deliberately dispenses with character classes, but was still reminiscent of Diablo in a very pleasant way. You can watch a trailer here:

New Undecember Trailer Shows Intense Battles Of Diablo Alternative


New Undecember Trailer Shows Intense Battles Of Diablo Alternative

That’s what it’s about: Undecember’s story revolves around gods. There were 12 of them who lived peacefully with their children. As things go, a 13th god appears at some point, who is also called Serpens. Then, of course, disaster takes its course and we have to shred a lot of monsters again. There are also boss raids!

Now Undecember is here and with that we can now see the full extent of the in-game shop. Of course, this doesn’t change anything in the game itself, but the shop is very keen that players should spend as much money as possible in it – specifically to get better, level up faster and so on. Classic Pay2Win mechanics, as far as the eye can see.

Criticism rains down: Of course, these Pay2Win options are not well received – especially by those who play the PC port. The Steam rating is now “mostly negative” and the comments speak for themselves.

The calculations presented here are particularly noteworthy. Ecrook, for example, writes that it costs “220€ just to unlock the features I expect from a full price game”. Erdnager criticized:

“It can’t be that the best way to advance in the game is not to play it but to make money in real life.”

(via: Steam)

A commentary by radio activist sums it up humorously:

“I was surprised that uninstall is free.”

That brings back memories of Diablo Immortal and its nasty in-game shop. However, others tend to compare Undecember to Lost Ark and of course not all players agree on which title now has the worse monetization system, more Pay2Win and the most expensive shop.

By the way, in case you’re wondering how the new one is doing Update for Diablo Immortal says: Yes, there is now the possibility to craft the legendary gems yourself. But no, that doesn’t make the Pay2Win aspect any better, it actually makes it worse, as you can read in this GamePro article.

Do you play Undecember despite the bad Pay2Wins or rather not at all?


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