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Under the Grand Sea: all the news of the new Tower of Fantasy update

level infinite and Hotta Studio have announced the update 2.4 for the . Tower of Fantasy, Under the Grand Sea, available on March 30. This presents numerous new features such as new locations, a new main mission and even new Simulacrum. Players will trade the desert story for a new underwater location in Innars.

Tower of Fantasy

three locations

Players will have the option to explore new territories. A Island where players will have their first contact with the new territories of the expansion. In this you will find Innars, a central underwater city with a cluster of satellite cities around it. It has multiple functional areas similar to Mirroria, although the size of Innars is not on par, as its expansion is not restricted to the sub-gravity field of Confounding Abyss, which does exist in Mirroria. Innars was built to free Mirroria from lack of resources and overpopulation.

Lastly, deep in the ocean players will find many explorable areas. Although one of them stands out, Dragon Breath Volcano, one of the most dangerous areas to explore where players will need equipment, as well as experience. To explore all these territories, players will have a diving team at their disposal.

Tower of FantasyTower of Fantasy

They will be able to interact with the creatures of the ocean to obtain rewards and use special vehicles to travel faster. Although they must be careful with the environment, since it houses hostile creatures. Speaking of hostile creatures, unlike on land, players need to be more careful underwater as enemies can attack from all directions, as well as keeping in mind that the elements react differently in water.

new campaign

After the conversations between Dr. Rubilia and Lin, it has been revealed that an artifact from Innars under the sea has caught the attention of the Hive Mother. Legend has it that she was imprisoned in a cage not far from the city and now asks her allies to free her from it.
A large number of Greyspace entities head to Innars under the influence of the Hive Mother to get the artifact that will restore their freedom. If he manages to free himself, the world is in grave danger. Therefore, Larsen has commissioned Lin’s group to solve this situation.

Tower of Fantasy

New Simulacrum and new bosses

Three new Simulacrum are incorporated:

Lan with an umbrella as a weapon with the ability to control fire. Icarus with the frost ability and a yo-yo as a weapon. And finally, Fiona with her bracelet that deals alternate damage.

On the other hand, some of the new enemies of this new world are:


Abyssant: Scyllayou can change the elemental stats by hitting the Drumhead, changing the attack position.

Abyssant: Haboela. An Abyssant Behemoth that lives near the crater. Deals damage with flames, using his large body size, and lava.

Finally, we find new challenges: the ”Underwater Request Mission”, where players will have to follow the unlock path and finish the missions to obtain materials and rewards. And the ”New Instance” challenge where players will form a team of eight people to defeat the Abyssant creature: Eva.


Under the Grand Sea will be available next March 30 for Android, iOS and PC.

Tower of Fantasy