Undercover Boss: Gabe Newell Decides to Hand Out the First Steam Deck Shipments in Person and Surprise Fans

Tom Henry

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The first thing a good leader should do is lead by example. This is what Gabe Newell has done going down from his office to the simplest task Valve has to do to deliver a Steam Deck: bring it in person. Some image had circulated until now of the head of Steam making shipmentsbut now we have been able to see that it has been a reality.

In a special Valve video we can see how, indeed, Newell goes from house to house with the Steam Deck corresponding to each client. Obviously the look of surprise on each one’s face when they see him at the entrance to their home is pure astonishment, although there are also some who do not seem to realize who is in front of them.

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As a nice detail we have to Gabe decides to sEsports Extraseach of the packages, leaving a nice memory for those who received such a surprise. On the other hand, it seems that the head of Valve was already used to delivering shipments in his day, since he comments having brought newspapers to houses and telegrams from post offices. As a final gesture we have that the person in charge decides to give away three Steam Deck without any problem or condition.

Of course, Newell insists that each person who carries his Steam Deck send him a email with your notebook prints. The truth is that the first units are also being distributed in the rest of the world. On the other hand, Gabe Newell himself has stated that he would be more than happy to receive PC Game Pass on Steam.

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