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Unpacking, one of the most awarded indies of 2021, announces its arrival on PS4 and PS5

The game will have a physical edition on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch by Limited Run.


The year 2021 left us with a good handful of leading games, but it was a few indies that managed to make the most noise. Unpacking is one of those cases that managed to captivate the gaming community with a unique proposal entry into ordering items whose sales figures skyrocketed above 100,000 units on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch alone.

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Now, the indie title developed by Witch Beam has confirmed that coming to PS4 and PS5 in digital format, being available soon to buy through the PlayStation Store. Despite the announcement, we do not know when we can expect it because the date is still determinedbut it is expected to land on Sony consoles soon.


Also, those responsible have wanted to share by social media the launch of a limited physical edition for PS4, PS5 and Switch. It will be carried out by Limited Run Games and, although it is still in pre-production, it has already set a price for the different platforms: $34.99 on all base versions, with an extra option to pay $39.99 to get the original soundtrack on vinyl.

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In addition to having multiple nominations in different awards galas, as we said at the beginning, Unpacking also It has worked very well at the sales level, always considering its size. Without going any further, Nintendo itself wanted to specify that it was one of the best-selling independent titles on Switch in 2021.

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