up to 33% faster in DirectX 11 games

up to 33% faster in directx 11 games

Tom Henry

up to 33% faster in DirectX 11 games

Today Intel wanted to chest out how well its most popular GPU is aging, the Intel Arc A750 with DirectX 11 and 12 APIs. This graphics card boasts of being cheap while being much more powerful than its direct competition. Specifically, Intel wanted to take advantage of the performance improvements linked to games based on in the DirectX 11 API.

You have to remember that all Intel Arc graphics came with serious performance issues when running games based on old APIs like DirectX 11 or DirectX 9. Little by little the company has been updated, and that is why today it wanted to breastfeed that there are games that have experienced a performance improvement up to 33% based on driver updates.

When we launched Intel Arc desktop products last year, we said Intel Arc graphics would get better, that it would be a labor of love, and we’re committed to delivering on that promise. Today we are proud to reveal that DirectX 11 games improve their performance with higher frame rates and smoother experiences, just like our improvements to DX9 drivers earlier this year.

The Intel Arc A750 is up to 33% faster in DirectX 11 games since it went on sale

Intel Arc A750 driver performance

Specifically, Intel tells us that its Arc A750 is 19% faster on average when running games at a resolution 1080p under DirectX 11 API. This average comes from 11 games, where in the worst case, the destiny 2 It has only improved its performance. 5%. At best, we have Overwatch 2where it has been experienced a 33% performance improvement.

Other games that have benefited notoriously were the Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online with a 27% improvement. Destiny 2 is the worst case, since another of the games that improved the least were League of Legends, but with a respectable 11%. When it comes to performance for 99% of the time, the improvement grows timidly up to 20%. This translates into a performance improvement. 45% in Overwatch 2 regarding its release.

Intel takes advantage of the announcement to launch its PresentMon tool

Intel PresentMon

We’ll never say we’re done improving Intel Arc GPUs, but with DX11 now in the spotlight, it’s another example of our commitment to gamers with software enhancements and gaming technology integrations. Since the launch of our desktop system, we have released 30 controllers, we’ve added support for 57 new games through our Game On driver program and offered dozens of other game enhancements. And the gaming world continues to see the benefits of AI-enhanced Intel XeSS supersampling, with over 70 games already supporting it!

We also have another gift for enthusiasts. Some of you may have heard of a tool called “PresentMon” which was developed at Intel years ago and powers many pieces of software used for graphics performance analysis. Today we’re releasing the first beta version of Intel PresentMon, a complete revamp of the tool that makes it enthusiast-friendly. This update adds new features and we hope it will fuel the next wave of gaming performance analytics.

Intel Arc driver history summary

In essence, we are before a telemetry tool. In this case, we will see a screen overlaid with the performance, voltage and temperature of the GPU. Basically, analyzing large amounts of information in real time. On the other hand, it has a rather curious feature called “Busy GPUThis allows you to show how much time the GPU has actually spent rendering and idle.

The most interesting of all is that this tool is compatible with any GPU (AMD, NVIDIA and Intel). Also with any API (DirectX 11/9/12 and Vulkan); and can be run via a command line.

It’s a big day for Intel Arc graphics. A new driver version is increasing performance in DirectX 11 games by 19% on average across the collection of games we tested; and up to 33% faster in games like Overwatch 2 on the Arc A750 GPU.

We are also releasing a new gaming performance tool to the world with Intel PresentMon. There’s never been a better time to buy your own Intel Arc graphics card, and the A750 GPU is a great option that you can purchase from one of our many resellers.

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