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update 1.20 will allow you to customize your armor

Mojang is gearing up for the 1.20 update and armor will finally be customizable.

Minecraft: Update 1.20 will allow you to customize your armor
Minecraft Armors

It’s no news to fans of Mojang’s most popular game that the upcoming 1.20 update was going to bring some major changes that the company said would greatly change the open world experience. However, even though the introduction of spectator mode thrilled the majority of users because of its great utility, it is not the only surprise that the game brings to its fans.


There are many elements to the game that users have wanted for a long time, but finally, Mojang has decided to listen to its player base And now that the latest update is not long to come, the company has revealed what it is about.

It is the great moment of armor

As you could read at first, Mojang has confirmed that armor customization It will finally come to Minecraft. Of course, this change has been one of the most requested by fans, since the classic gold, iron or diamond armors have been useful enough to face an entire army of creepers or skeletons, without a doubt the customization will allow them to players have an avatar with some more specific features when surviving in the open world.

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So far, the good news has circulated all over the forums where many netizens came to imagine the best designs for their armor for a few years, but the last word has yet to be said after it update 1.20 arrives. But by all accounts, this looks pretty good for the sandbox in the near future.

To herald this great moment for Mojang’s game, a series of images was published on the official Minecraft website. In it, players can take a look at the new aspects that the armor will have. At first, they will only be allowed to add a few simple decorations to the smooth mineral sets. So while armor has always been functional, it can now be seen with a modernized twist.

Furthermore, the publication in question describes in great detail how players will be able to customize their armor. The ornaments have 11 different patterns where users can dye them with 10 colors. Also, these decorations can only be made once the player gets a blacksmith template (another new ingredient that will be needed for upgrades).

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Of course, Mojang has decided that armor decorations are not just an achievable change in builds, but rather be part of the essence of Minecraftgetting it in the same way as most items in the game, which makes it even better.

Now, the fans are still waiting for when will minecraft 1.20 update arrive and what other implications it will have, however, for the moment it is all that Mojang has revealed for its fans. So we will have to wait another while to find out the release date and if the company has included other important changes.


One of the novelties of the Minecraft update is the customization of Armor

Minecraft is still a big one in the industry

It should not be forgotten that although Minecraft is not one of the longest-lived games on the market, more than a decade has passed since its launch, but its success has several reasons. The first of these is that the Mojang game has a wide range of elements that are essential for creative mode. Of course, the impressive hobbyist builds we’ve seen over the years are the result of what would constitute second place on this list: the updates.

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It seems that Mojang has always known how to make the game evolve perfectly. And this became clear to us when the last update, Minecraft 1.19, known as “The Wild Update”arrived in June 2022. This update included biomes, objects, blocks and various creatures that suited the sandbox quite well and, of course, refreshed the gameplay.

On the one hand, it is likely that the game follows this line in terms of mechanics, since the inclusion indicates that the game is preparing other scenarios to expand the experience in the maps and game modes, but we still do not know for sure the plans Mojang has for Minecraft. What we can see first hand is that this update is proof of why the sandbox never seems to go out of style and, on the contrary, it has more and more active users.


If you still do not fully know the sandbox, in the following link we leave you a guide that can be very useful.

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