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US fears China will create super-soldiers with South Korean chips

The United States and China do not exactly get along and have been battling for a long time. As often happens, Americans distrust Chinese companies and devices, to the point of sanctioning and banning them to prevent information theft. But beyond that, we have the chip war, where the United States is willing that China not receive advanced chips. The last movement of USA against China just announced, where this time you want impose limits on South Korean chip companies working there.

Virtually every modern electronic device has a chip of some kind, even if it’s a small Arm Cortex processor. We have not only gone from mobile phones to smartphones or from digital watches to smartwatches. Semiconductors are in more and more devices and at the rate we are advancing, there will come a time when we cannot find analog devices. As we well know, the Taiwanese TSMC is the one that currently leads in the world of semiconductorsbut we also have ASML in Europeas a leading manufacturer of EUV scanners.

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US to limit Korean chip companies from working in China


The United States is clear that does not want to leave China any chance to become a potentially dangerous rival in the chip industry. For months, he’s been sending notices, restrictions and sanctions to the Asian giant to prevent it from receiving advanced chips. Now he is back to hit China again, where this time he is going to focus on a very specific aspect. alan estevezUndersecretary of Commerce for Industry and Security has warned that soon to impose limits on Korean chip companies working in China.

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The one-year licenses imposed in samsung and SK Hynix, making them free again to continue manufacturing in China, but of course, the United States is not willing to allow it. It has not been detailed if the limitation will apply to the production or the type of memory manufactured, but Estevez was not interested in explaining this, instead he went to talk about something that he worried much more.

The United States wants to prevent China and Russia from making super soldiers

Chinese young soldier training

The US Secretary of Commerce left behind the limits on Korean companies and declared his true intentions. The objective of stopping the Korean industry in the Asian country is to prevent China and Russia from create superhuman soldiers. This is not the first time we have seen the United States accuse China of creating super soldiers. According to Estevez, semiconductors are the key to military technology and he assured that the decisions of the United States have allowed prevent countries like Russia from rebuilding their military. But the almighty American country has a fear and it is the use of the biotechnology for military purposes.

“Now we are in a world where technology is the engine of military power, advanced technologies, critical cutting edge technologies, semiconductors are at the center of those technologies. There is biotechnology for the good of humanity and then there is biotechnology for superhuman soldiers who are not for the good of humanity,” Estevez warned.

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