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US will sanction Iran and North Korea for supplying chips to Russia

The sanctions on Russia are working quite well according to the latest economic data. The Russians are getting poorer and Putin’s government earns less and less, inflation hits them harder than the rest of the Western countries and in technological terms they have a blockade… Which they are managing to bypass. And they do it thanks to the black market that they run with Iran and North Korea, since controls are being fenced off with China. USA is very upset and after the ASML scandal with the Chinese ex-worker, now the European anger is going to make them sEsports Extrasnew sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

It was to be expected that the Russians, led by Vladimir Putin, would partially or totally close the black chip market channel with China and look towards other strategic partners. For this reason and on the occasion of the memory of the date on which this war between Ukraine and Russia began, the entire West is preparing new measures.


The United States will hit more countries in its rush forward


Well yes, it is a constant flight forward where it seems to have no end. The fact is that Europe and the US need each other, but they also require strategic partners around the entire Asian continent. For this reason, India, Japan and Taiwan are key economically and in terms of production, but in terms of restrictions and sanctions, the entire G7 will be counted… And they are already being studied.

The Assistant Secretary of Commerce for the US Export Administration, Thea Kendleris in Tokyo to close economic and other agreements with Japan, but from there he has launched powerful accusatory messages:

“Russia has turned to other countries, yes you can imagine, its partners Iran and North Korea, to fill some gaps in its acquisitions. Chips that are created by our companies and that came out of the Russian market. These chips are coming to Russia and other countries are using them to make drones, Iranian drones in particular, which Putin uses to kill civilians.”

If the sanctions work, but Russia skips them, all that remains is to start harshly sanctioning everyone who supports them so that the measure has the greatest effect.


technology for military purposes


Once again we have the much-failed excuse of “for military purposes”, which is just as worn out as “for national security”, but the fact is that the United States uses them with complete normality and frequency. In fact, the sanctions that will be drafted shortly will have both sides in this aspect, since the G7 is discussing the measures against Chinese, Iranian and North Korean companies.

It has been estimated that they are providing Russia with parts and technology for military, not even civilian, purposes. These measures should be ready for the February 24th and in the case of Xi Jinping’s country, these are not mere suppositions or data to be verified, the president himself has commented that, faced with the accusation that his companies help Russia, Washington should stop sending weapons if you want the conflict to end.

Or what is the same, he does not deny it or at least throws balls out. Therefore, and together with what we saw with ASML, a package of measures is expected to raise the tension worldwide to another new level, since more and more countries are affected by sanctions, now in addition to Russia and China. , North Korea and Iran.


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