V Rising Consolidates As A Big Hit And Announces That It Has Passed A Major Sales Milestone During Its First Week

If you follow the video game news daily, it is almost impossible that you have not heard about the phenomenon that V Rising is being. Stunlock Studios’ Vampire Game Is Being Everything a bestsellerin addition to becoming a title praised by both the press and the players, and today we have numbers to prove it.

Coming to overshadow great PC titles, and also conquering both Twitch and Steam, it was impossible to think that V Rising had not already sold a bunch of copiesand its developers confirm it to us with a tweet celebrating a milestone in its history.

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As we have learned from the official twitter account of the game, V Rising has already overcome a great sales barrier: that of the million copies. This has been achieved in just one week, being a record not only for the numbers it has, but for how powerful its launch is being.

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On the other hand, Stunlock Studios have just released the new patch for the game. Listed as a hotfix, it is one that contains pretty small fixes, so don’t expect it to bring great additions to the game either. You can review the notes on the game’s Steam page.

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Be that as it may, the vampire survival game is all the rage among PC gamers. Joining the roster of games that went viral overnight, surely these numbers keep going up during the next few weeks.