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V Rising on consoles? What we know about the future of the new vampire game that sweeps PC

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch players await the arrival of the Stunlock Studios title.

V Rising has dropped in the dark and without making too much noise has pounced on success as if it were an innocent prey to devour. The game of Stunlock Studios combines action with adventure and survival in an open world with elements of RPG and crafting, in an attractive vampire universe.

A formula that has served him to overcome a peak of 100,000 simultaneous playersaccording to the data shared by SteamDB, when it has not yet not a week in early access. V Rising has imposed its success from the first moment, aiming to become a new phenomenon on Steam. As on other occasions, this has aroused the interest of players outside of PC who are wondering if they will be able to enjoy the video game on their PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series or Nintendo Switch.

V Rising

We’d love to see V Rising on other platforms in the future, but it’s not certain yet.Stunlock StudiosBut really V Rising is coming to consoles? Our colleagues from Esports Extras have echoed an interview from several months ago, when it had not yet caught the attention of the general public, where the creators recognized that they were focused on their PC version: “For now we are solely focused on making an amazing experience for PCwith controls and gameplay we can be proud of on this platform.”

We would love to see V Rising on other platforms in the future.but it’s not certain yet and we can’t promise anything at this point in development,” Stunlock Studios confessed. Although it seems that we are still far from seeing a console version of the vampire and survival title, we can only hope that the dazzling success that the game is experiencing is consolidated and serves as a catalyst so that the creators’ interest in bringing V Rising to other platforms results in a real adaptation. Remember that you have available our talk with those responsible for V Rising, where we already warned you about that his vampiric proposal would give a lot to talk about.

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