Valheim already has a release date on Xbox Game Pass

The arrival of valheim a Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One is already a month old and gives: March 14 the popular survival game will land on Xbox Game Pass (with cross-play) so that users of Microsoft consoles can enjoy this Viking adventure that you sweep on PC, garnering more than 10 million players, big words. This Nordic title offers us endless challenges to try to survive against the enemies and beasts that roam the world devised by Iron Gate Studios and Coffee Stain. In valheim, we will have to collect, build, improve, level up and explore a vast world to find all kinds of resources. Also, of course, no.we will come across fantastic creatures that will have to be faced to complete incredible missions and challenges.

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Valheim will be available on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, in Game Pass, starting next month

The Microsoft service is smoking. This February it will be launched Atomic Heart on its release day, one of the most anticipated first person shooters of the season that does nothing and less released a new trailer with Jensen Ackles laughing at Hogwarts Legacy. In March we will have Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, MLB The Show and the mentioned valheim. Not bad for our hours in front of the screen to be busy. Although the delivery of Iron Gate Studios is a little late on consoles, do not believe at all that the game is no longer very active. Although it no longer has those 500,000 concurrent players on Steam, we can find 20,000, which is not bad either..

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Valheim is very difficult. you will die a lot. Your friends will die a lot. But we hope we have achieved this balance between being unnecessarily brutal and offering a rewarding and challenging experience, “their creators said in their day. So we recommend you arm yourself with courage, and even your teeth, so that this adventure does not become a the new Elden Ring in terms of frustration at constantly dying, he refers. We recommend you take a look at our guide to go well prepared.

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