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VALK FREYA. review and analysis of this gaming chair in fabric or PU

The weekend is here and with it the chances that we are sitting in front of the PC or playing on the console increase. For those good times, what better than a chair like the VALK FREYAa model designed in USA that is available in a synthetic leather and a textile version to suit each user, in both cases with a really interesting desEsports Extrasand finishes.

VALK Freya

Let’s first look at your Technical specifications:

Textile material Synthetic leather or breathable fabric
Structure Steel
Back Reclining up to 160º
Seat Cold molded foam – 55 kg/m3
Tilt function up to 25º with lock
armrests 4D (Height, Side, Length, Turn)
Elevator Class 4 gas piston
Adjustable in 8 cm
Base 700mm diameter aluminum
5 60mm polyurethane wheels
supported weight up to 120kg
Weight 21.5kg

Before beginning the review, I would like to thank VALK for their confidence in The computer bungler by sending us this VALK FREYA for your analysis. Let’s get started!

Packaging and Accessories

VALK Freya - Packaging

The VALK FREYA It arrives in a neutral cardboard box of large dimensions and high weight that, as we see in the following images, contains the chair disassembled into several partsAll of them very well protected so that it arrives unpolluted in our hands. In addition, as you can see, we had to choose to move to the garage / party room to be able to photograph it with space, since working with a product of its size in our modest office was impossible.

After removing all the packaging protections, we find the backrest and seat separatelythe base without wheels placed and everything necessary to finish the installation in the images that we see below. Of course, note that as a gift a XXL mat quite practical.

VALK Freya - Mat


Next, we will show you the assembly of the VALK FREYA, which can be done by following the included manual in a very simple way, especially if we have already assembled a gaming chair before. In some 15 or 20 minutes we can have it assembled, so it should not be an impediment for anyone to buy it.

VALK Freya - Mount 1

First of all, we start by assembling the polyurethane wheels of 60mm on the aluminum base 700 mm in diameter, a process as simple as inserting the metal cylinder into the corner holes and pressing them inward with some force. It is possible that until we sit down they will not go in completely, so we must be careful that they do not come out when turning it over.

VALK Freya - Montage 2

VALK Freya - Montage 3

Next, we place the lift cylinder and later the plastic protection around it. This model includes gas piston of class 4which promises to endure until 120kg weight, within the average.

VALK Freya - Mount 4

VALK Freya - Mount 5

We turn the seat for the metallic base that will join the seat with the cylinder, placing for it 4 corner screws. this is type frog and allows both recline backrest until the 160º As the swinging in 25thwith blocking in the desired position.

VALK Freya - Mount 6

We must also screw both armrestbecause they come disassembled, with another 4 screws each.

VALK Freya - Mount 7

With this we have the chair already half assembled, being the turn of mount the backrest with 2 screws on each side.

Now we only have to place the plastic trims that cover the side hinges, as well as the caps that hide both screws.


VALK Freya - DesEsports Extras1

Once we have fully assembled the VALK FREYAwe find ourselves before an elegant chair breathable fabric in gray and black details, which exudes quality on all four sides, far from the cheapest models that populate the market. In addition, we must emphasize that this model is designed to comply with the standard DIN EN 1335 for office chairs, which certifies great ergonomics.

VALK Freya - DesEsports Extras2

As usual, allow height adjustment den 8 cm, being ideal for people up to 185 cm tall. With my 188 cm, I notice that it falls a little short, so even better if we are around 180 cm maximum.

VALK Freya - DesEsports Extras3

The backrest is somewhat bland, as in most models, but the logo of VALK in the upper area and the black zippers.

VALK Freya - DesEsports Extras4

However, the front side of the back of the VALK FREYA It has a very attractive design, with the brand’s logo and well-achieved black details. This allows tilting up to 160º, almost horizontally, without falling in the process.

As usual, it includes a cervical and a lumbar cushion, both filled with viscoelastic foam and with a very soft finish.

VALK Freya - DesEsports Extras5

VALK Freya - DesEsports Extras6

For its part, the seat has a padding of high density cold molded foam with 55kg/m3. Also, unlike most gaming models, the side enhancements are very low and not annoying at all, so both wide people and those who like to open their legs will have no problems with them. We should also note that this can swing in until 25thlocking it in the desired position or leaving it free.

VALK Freya - DesEsports Extras7

VALK Freya - DesEsports Extras8

Finally, we show the regulation of the 4D armrestwhich we can regular in height, distance llateral, longitudinal distance Y turnso they will be perfectly adapted to our taste.

Evidence and Conclusion

VALK Freya - Trials 2

The VALK FREYA It has been the first model of the brand that we have tried and with it we have been pleasantly surprised, since it has nothing to envy to high-end models of other better-known brands in the sector. That a USAcompany opts for quality is not usually the case, since we already know the economic models offered by other brands, so it is something to also take into account.

VALK Freya - Tests

In general, this is a really comfortable chair, very configurable, and in which, above all, I would highlight that it does not have large side extensions that bother wide people or lose them when opening them. Tilt, rock with lock, a soft seat, 4D armrests; What more can we ask of you?

VALK Freya

We can find it for sale in stores like Amazon for €339 in the version textile analyzed, while that of Synthetic leather is for €299. It is true that they are not the cheapest, but the quality they offer does not allow them to lower their price either and they compete with much more expensive chairs.

Main advantages
+ Excellent ergonomics, really very comfortable
+ No side bumps, unlike most gaming models
+ Elegant desEsports Extrasand very well finished
+ High quality materials, with breathable fabric
+ Very robust, steel chassis and aluminum base
+ Supports up to 120 kg of weight
+ Locking seat rocker system
+ Fully adjustable 4D armrests
+ Includes microfiber cervical and lumbar cushions
+ Easy assembly, anyone can do it
Negative aspects
nothing to object
Other Aspects
* Perfect for people up to 180 cm tall
* Inclination up to 160º

Since The computer bungler we give you the Gold Award to the gaming chair VALK FREYA.

Platinum Award

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