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VALORANT announces the return of Split to the competitive map-pool

The requests have been heard, after six months of absence Split would have everything ready for an important return to the competitive map-pool of Valorant with several changes that we will know in future communications. This already historic scene of the shooter was left out of the most important competitions from the Patch 5.0, but the fans and lovers of Split they will have to have a little more patience, we will have to wait a little longer to play on this map again.


According to him recent statement of RIOT Games, Split would return to map pool competitive in the Patch 6.0 which is agreed for its publication in January 2023. «To start, come back Split! We know many of you were saddened to see the map go, so we’re excited to bring it back to you (with a few updates to boot…). There is not much more to add about it. Many of you wanted me to come back Split and it makes sense in the changeset«, write the first lines of the statement of RIOT about it, but this is not the only change, in addition to the reentry of Split, Two more popular maps will be released.

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Enter Split but two maps come out.

It’s not all good news when it comes to the “new” map pool competitive Valorant. In the same statement, RIOT points out that in addition to the re-entry of Split, we will have the output of bind Y breeze of the map rotation in Competitive and Normal; and as with Split in June they point out that «we still don’t know when they will return«, but that will still be available in game modes such as «Spike fever» and personalized». Nevertheless RIOT extended a justification about these two outputs:

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“In the case of Breeze, we feel the map has room for improvement when it comes to operators and diversity of team compositions, plus there are opportunities to simplify the space. About bind, it’s all about strategic diversity. We want to encourage plays around teleporters and possibly rethink team executions and defense at both points.”

With these two outputs the map pool of Valorant It will be made up of six maps, which makes us believe that the release of the new map “Jam” is closer than ever. In this way, the rotation of competitive Valorant maps is made up as follows:

  • Fracture
  • Pearl
  • Ice box
  • Ascent
  • Haven
  • Split [Nuevo]

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