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Valorant Anti-Cheat system update 2021 after DDoS attack


Cogito Corp released a new update for VALORANT, its famed anti-cheat client. In this news post, we’ll go over the main changes made to it as well as all of our future plans. If you have any questions regarding the update or about VALORANT in general, don’t be afraid to contact us by filing a support ticket via your profile page on Valorant online!

While the Valve Anti-Cheat system has done a fantastic job at preventing almost all forms of cheating in VALVE games, it’s had its fair share of issues. Only recently did they announce that they were working on an updated client that would allow them to more closely mimic players’ behavior among other things. As of this moment, however, their public test build is still far from being finished.

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VALORANT being centered around emulating player behavior as accurately as possible, we have no choice but to implement some changes until VAC is capable of effectively detecting cheats again. This means that while there are currently no cheats out there capable of bypassing VALORANT, it doesn’t mean won’t be any in the future. As such, we have no choice but to implement these measures until Valve updates their client. Check out this tournament of Valorant by Tenz.

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The first thing you’ll notice is that all banner advertisements are gone. You may wonder why we haven’t just gotten rid of them entirely and the reason for that is because they’re still necessary in order to cover server costs. Nevertheless, it feels good not having to pay attention to banners anymore while playing so hopefully you’ll enjoy this change as well!

Anti- Cheat System

-We’ve also moved away from using ‘cheater’ or ‘VALORANT CHEAT DETECTED‘ popups whenever someone gets caught cheating by us. Instead, players will be automatically kicked after 3 minutes or they’ll be able to purchase the ‘Advanced Cheater’ upgrade for $5 which allows them to continue playing on their current map. – When dealing with an active cheater, it’s important that they aren’t allowed to cause further damage by continuing to play without having any knowledge of what’s happening around them. That’s why we’ve removed all notes and money from the game entirely when someone is caught cheating. This way, you can simply feel safe knowing that there are no advantages being given out to cheaters during around anymore! If you have any questions regarding this news post or about VALORANT in general, don’t be afraid to contact us by filing a support ticket via your profile page on valorant online! – Before you go, make sure to also read the following news post if you haven’t already done so: VALORANT ANTI-CHEAT Early Access & Shop update.

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