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Valorant brings pretty new skins that players would buy – if it weren’t for the unimaginably high price

valorant brings pretty new skins that players would buy

Valorant has a new skin pack that costs over 100 euros. This is too much for some players, even if they find the skins pretty.

Riot Games tactical shooter Valorant offers a large, constantly growing selection of different skins. They change the appearance of the respective weapon and sometimes offer special animations, such as when reloading or achieving a final kill.


Some skins also change the sound a weapon makes when firing. However, there are no skins for the individual characters.

Recently, Riot Games brought out a new skin pack for Valorant called the “Radiant Entertainment System”. Now there is a lot of criticism for the game developer because some players find the price of the skins way too high.

What is this skin pack? The “Radiant Entertainment System” is a bundle with 5 skins for the weapons Bulldog, Phantom, Operator as well as the silenced pistol Ghost and the “Knife”.

The skins give the guns a “retro gaming” desEsports Extraswith partially animated details and magazines that look like classic video game cartridges.

Valorant showed what the package looks like on Twitter:


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30 euros for a skin package as expensive as 2 AAA games

How expensive is the package? A skin of the new package should cost 2,975 Valorant Points (VP), which players who are interested would have to buy for at least 30 euros because they cannot be earned. The price for the “knife” of the bundle is 5,950 VP individually, i.e. around 60 euros.

  • To purchase 2,950 VP you would need to buy 2,050 points for €20 and then another 1,000 points for €10.
  • Alternatively, 3,650 VP would be available for €35.
  • There is no package with 3,000 points for 30 E.

The entire bundle costs 11,900 VP, which is about 110 euros. The package also includes background maps and other little things that would otherwise have to be bought separately.


Valorant Skin Trailer: Radiant Entertainment System

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The skin is good, but is it that good?

What are the players saying about the pack? Many players are interested in the bundle on social media. The cartridge-style magazines are particularly popular, and some players say they’d buy the skins if it wasn’t for the price.

  • Alex Lockheart: It’s really a great bundle […] you can see the love for older games in this bundle. But I’m sorry, it’s WAY overpriced. I love your game, but the bundles aren’t worth the price of two AAA games (via Twitter).
  • BorutoHype69: Bruh, you [Riot Games] set the price too high. Such a cool and unique bundle, but it won’t sell nearly as much because it’s so expensive (via Twitter).
  • Black Sheep: The bundle costs more than the entire Legend of Zelda game. I mean the skin is good, but is it that good? Worth more than an entire game (via Twitter)?

Players are happy to spend money on nice armor or brightly colored paintwork for their weapons. Arguably the most well-known example of players spending big bucks on skins can be found in Valorant’s competitor, Counter-Strike.

There, players donate thousands of euros to open boxes or to purchase a desired skin from other collectors.

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