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VALORANT Dev Debunks Shroud’s ‘Losers Queue’ Theory

We have long known that the players have an idea that there is a losers queue in different games. League of Legends It is usually one of the most mentioned when talking about this queue. Nevertheless, many have also put VALORANT in this bag. This queue, according to many, implies that the matchmaking system places you on purpose in a lobby with other players who have lost their previous matches so that you keep losing. And one of the players who has spoken about this losers queue is Michael Grzesiek”shroud«.

To this day there is no proof that this queue exists. Nevertheless, the signs often indicate that it is implemented. If at some point you have spent a whole day playing, you will have realized that with each defeat they put you with people who are much worse. Sometimes this is a blessingwhile in others those players are on your team and you will continue to lose.


A dev ends up with the theory losers queue of Shroud in VALORANT

A VALORANT developer wanted to put an end to that theory of losers queue. This dev stated that this theory is a myth and all this came after Shroud spoke about it live after entering a game in which all his teammates had lost the previous one.

In light of this, VALORANT Senior Competitive Designer Jon Walker “EvrMoar» talked about this losers queue, noting that it does not exist. «Based on various analyzes of every game I’ve worked on, losing back-to-back matches is one of the top reasons players quit. There is no such losers queue that is talked about so much“said the rioter.


EvrMoar kept talking, emphasizing that they would never try to make you play more to get addicted. «I think that’s detrimental to the game and doesn’t meet our goals of making a great title. The best thing would be to make sure we manage to win a game after a long losing streak. That’s one of the reasons mobile games put you up against bots if you lose too much.. If you think there is a losers queue, I can only apologize“, ended the rioter.

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