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VALORANT: Episode 5 Act III cools down with new agent – Esports Extras.


VALORANT: Episode 5 Act III cools down with new agent – Esports Extras.

On October 18th, Riot Games will release for VALORANT Episode 5 Act III Battle Pass. This time everything is under the star of myth and adventure. Next to the skin line Iridescent Thorn there is also the banner series dug upwhich provides insight into the past of individual agents, as well as new sprays, charms and the new agent Harbor.

As always, the new act from VALORANT some innovations. The graffiti is freely available here Simple instructionswho have favourited banners Unearthed: The Mask and Astral Focusthe two talismans I don’t break and Corbin’s lightand the skin Starlight Odyssey with variants for the Ghost. There is also a new title ¡VAMOS!. The skin is included in the paid battle pass (1,000 VP). Starlight Odyssey with variants for the Vandal, Iridescent Thorn for the operator, and the skin runestone for the Odins. Then there’s the graffiti Breach likes thisthe banner Great plansthe talisman shell song and the skin Iridescent Thorn for melee.

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They were inspired Starlight Odyssey-Adventurer skins that use the stars to navigate to their destination during the turn Iridescent Thorn combines ancient technology with a natural fascination for a rare flower. Another inspiration for the Battlepass is the new Agent Harbor, which also takes the stage in Act III. Full of adventure, he charges from India’s shores onto the field with ancient technology and rules the water. He unleashes rapids and storm surges to protect his allies and keep his enemies at bay.

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Included in the agent contract are three graffitis, two banners, a talisman, two titles, a sheriff skin, and Harbor himself.

Harbor’s abilities allow him to excel on maps previously heavily dominated by Viper: he doesn’t need to disappear into another world or look at the map to block view. In developing Harbor, the team drew inspiration from Indian media and stories about mythical heroes whose courage, conviction and strength make them unstoppable fighters for good. Thus was born the idea of ​​an agent commanding an ancient Radiant artifact to protect and preserve the powerful, mysterious items of Indian legend and lore.

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Learn more about the contents of Episode 5 Act III from VALORANT and the new skins can be found on the official website

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