Valorant Episode 7, Act 2: new Sunset map, date and story video

valorant episode 7, act 2: new sunset map, date and

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Valorant Episode 7, Act 2: new Sunset map, date and story video

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Riot Games took advantage of the grand final of the VCT Champions 2023 tournament to reveal new details of the impending Act 2 of Episode 7 of Valorantincluding a new story video featuring the new Sunset map and its release date.

You can see the video with dubbing into Latin American USAbelow.

The search for Horizon led the heroes to a secret base in the middle of Los Angeles, territory of Gekko. Things don’t go as expected and carnalito must sacrifice himself for the good of his teammate and his team, but not before helping deadlock to leave his trauma behind.

This operation leaves the surroundings of the base in a very bad state and that explains the situation in which we will find the map when we play on it.

What is the release date for Act 2 of Episode 7 of Valorant with the new map Sunset?

Actor 2 of the episode ‘Evolution’ will start the Tuesday August 29, 2023. In addition to the new map, there will be a new battle pass and more cosmetic content for characters and weapons.

Below you can see what the new Los Angeles-inspired Sunset map looks like in Valorant and, thanks to a leak from ValorIntelwe met its ‘layout’ or minimap.

This is the first map to join the game’s rotation since the arrival of the Lotus in January 2023. It’s supposed to be fairly simple, with no revolving doors or other gimmicks we’ve grown accustomed to with recent scenarios. .

Source: official channel of the game for Latin America on YouTube

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