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VALORANT flashes receive changes on PBE

As it happens in League of LegendsVALORANT also has its own test server (PBE). However, the shooter Riot Games does not have this server in Europe. It’s only in North Americaso not all players have access to it to discover the changes that will come to the video game.


The Initiators are fundamental agents when it comes to taking control of a if youhelp our colleagues to receive information and, in some cases, at the time of flash. Yes, the reality is that the flashes in VALORANT they have increased their priority and they are indispensable in the game. And this has led Riot Games to take a look at these skills, thus implementing numerous changes that could come to the game soon. shooter.

Riot Games will keep an eye on the flashes in VALORANT

The developer has posted a thread explaining what they are going to do with different agents that use these flashes inside the video game. Of course, these tests will be carried out on the North American test server, so Riot Games wants to keep its entire international community informed. And this implies that changes will come about KAY/O, Queen, Skye Y yoru. Two of them are duelists, but their role as flash to the rival remains identical to the others.

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Here are the changes and revisions they have in mind:

  • KAY/O and Skye: Both the birds of Skye and the flash KAY/O’s will be updated to increase their in-game performance. The goal is for them to be most effective when playing as a team and having good synergy with teammates. This implies that they will reduce their usefulness when playing solo.
  • Queen: Changes to increase the ability to decide to review a zone once used. It will also try to keep it as a decisive tool that allows breaking all angles against all enemies that are in long distances.
  • yoru: The rework It has not been entirely effective. With the update they will try to make the duration of their flashes is greater, although this implies that some other counter to when he uses it from his ultimate.
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