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Valorant: Resourceful players use a 19th-century tool to gain an unfair advantage in the shooter


Valorant: Resourceful players use a 19th-century tool to gain an unfair advantage in the shooter

Get better at your favorite shooter with a simple trick? Usually that sounds too good to be true. In Valorant this is now possible – thanks to the metronome!

What happened? Valorant is one of the most popular competitive shooters out there. So it’s no wonder that gamers are looking for ways to get better without spending every free minute in front of the monitor.

Of course, there are many little tips and tricks that you can use to legally increase your performance in Riot Games’ shooter. But some players also go in the opposite direction: Profi (20) admits to having manipulated Valorant matches.

As in other FPS games, you can build your own training routine in Valorant, for example. You can play a few rounds to warm up while trying to land as many headshots as possible.

However, a few particularly resourceful players have now developed a method that, once you have internalized it, you are guaranteed to land hits. To do this, they use a tool that is several hundred years old and actually has nothing to do with computer games – the metronome.

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With analogue technology to success

What is a metronome? A metronome is a device that uses acoustic signals to keep a constant tempo. You can set how often it should beat per minute. For example, if you set 60 bpm (beats per minute), the metronome will beat once every second.

This is what a classic metronome looks like

It is either mechanical or electronic and works in principle very much like a watch. It is used to find the right beat when making music. Nowadays, many keyboards or synthesizers offer an integrated metronome function, but the device in its classic, oval shape is still available for purchase.

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If you want to try it yourself, just search for the term “metronome” on Google. A small web app then simulates how the device works. There are also numerous YouTube videos demonstrating how it works.

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You land more hits if you keep the beat

What did the players find out? If you want to use a metronome yourself to improve your skills in Valorant, you must familiarize yourself with the “Guardian” assault rifle. The weapon is semi-automatic, which means that you have to fire each shot individually with a mouse click.

The Guardian is the most accurate weapon among the assault rifles, the weapon’s first shot has only a 0.1 chance of missing. But you can make the “Guardian” even more precise if you go into zoom mode. Then the spread is reduced further and is 0.0 on the first shot. After a certain cooldown, the weapon resets itself and a shot is counted as the “first” shot again. This is where the metronome comes into play.

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How does the trick work? Players have found that the Guardian’s cooldown is the same no matter how many shots you’ve fired. Reddit user u/Kwacker discovered that the weapon’s optimal rate of fire is 195bpm – so every shot is guaranteed to hit.

Many players will be surprised at how slow it actually is. Because in the heat of the moment you tend to click the mouse buttons frantically. Starts a metronome, sets it to 195bpm and tries to fire the gun to the beat.

At first it might be a bit unusual. Just let the metronome run for a few laps and see if your aim improves!

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