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Valorant: Riot will record Fight in Voice chat Conversation



valorant riot games valorant fight scene in voice chat conversation
image via Valorant, Riot Games

The fight against toxicity in video games is a fight that many studios carry out every day, especially in competitive multiplayer team games, such as Valorant, which led Riot to take drastic and controversial measures, beginning to record the chat of player’s voice.

Fighting toxicity

The developer explained in a statement: “We know that there are many problematic behaviors in voice chat, which concern many players, so we are committed to solving this problem in a more effective way.” “To deal with the use of voice for players who chat to harass others, spread hate speech, or engage in any other type of problem behavior to take action, we need to know what the player is saying.” Currently, Riot it will only record “Courage.” Voice chat feature, but after adopting this new policy, this measure can finally be extended to other games in the studio. As they explained, they will not use it to continuously monitor the chat, but will be able to verify the accusations and reports of problematic users submitted by other players.

Riot’s action game

Valorant is a first-person shooter game for PC, which focuses on multiplayer competitions that can be played for free. If you want to know more about him, we suggest that you analyze it, in which we tell you: “Courage is an experience that will reward you in a tense situation, celebrating victory as if they won the Champions League, and when you fail”. , you will win. As a player, you can always grow. It is as balanced a game as a shooter and well designed in weapons and maps. This requires more decisions., More differences between one game and another, higher limit of players; for other games, there is nothing to stop you from trying, because it is free, but it is undeniable that you have to pay. Efforts are not out of everyone’s reach. “


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