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VALORANT: TenZ Won Against Cloud9, Represent NA at Iceland For Grand Finals


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TenZ Won Against Cloud9, Represent NA at Iceland For Grand Finals on 2nd May 2021 and recently he Won Against Cloud9 on 1st May 2021. Won ratio 2-1

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image via TenZ, Sentinels

Sentinels Although the roster was adjusted prior to the start of the game, Sentry defeated Lumino in the first game of the VALROANT Champions Tour Masters One tournament. After Sinatraa was suspended on allegations of sexual abuse, TenZ Ngo filled the vacancy, but the team did not have trouble adjusting. ADF_3_NewLogo_HiQualSentinels won the series 2-1, which is impressive considering the major changes to the previous Masters One roster. Riot Games and Sentinels suspended Sinatraa earlier this week after his ex-girlfriend presented a history of sexual abuse. This puts the Sentinels in a tough spot because they need to complete the list before the Masters. I won the match against LG 2-1 GG. It was a bit rusty, but I started to feel like I was finding my place on the old map. Glad to be back

TenZ quickly assimilated into the team, And Tweet after WON against Cloud9. See his Tweet after Victory:


Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan told Dot Esports: “He’s the best player in North America. I’ve always been curious how he fits into his team. He’s a real kid.” “He is very happy to play with us. He quickly understood everything we did; his communication was very good. Overall, he left a deep impression on me.” TenZ previously played for Cloud9, but in January he withdrew from the competitive competition and focused on content creation. Sentinels acquired TenZ as a replacement for Sinatraa and obtained the rights to the player according to a recent ruling by Riot Games.

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The Sentinels takeover of TenZ before Masters One was a major change for the team, and many people wondered if this would affect their performance. Other teams confirmed that this is a dangerous new lineup that can become a competitive force. Despite the new lineup, the Sentinels performed well in the first game of the weekend, sitting in the light. The team opens the door to TenZ and feels each round of fusion and use of any damage or promotion created by him. But when ShahZaM played Sova in Ascent, his overall strategy changed slightly, a situation he was unfamiliar with. “Shaz played Sova at Ascent and he never played again except in the top-ranked games a week ago,” said Michael “dapr” Gulino. “It’s hard to play with boring fans and agents like him, like knowing all the positions of all the darts and all the skills.”

MAPS Details!

The outpost player adapted to this change and won the map 13-8, even though TenZ was on a double Mouse Play Sensitive. “I noticed that the light at the bottom of the mouse is a different color, which is a bit awkward, but I changed it again on the second map.” Unfortunately, the second player in Split couldn’t get what he wanted. But the team didn’t blame chaos in the game. They keep morale high and even play games to pass the time. TenZ and Sentinels performed well on Icebox Map 3 and beat Luminosity 13-6. The team adapted to TenZ won the first game of the weekend, and no matter what the roster changes, they are still a talented team. It is unclear if TenZ will be permanently reserved for Sentinels. He said he likes professional games, but is not sure what will happen in the future


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