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Valorant will be available to play in China

Good news for the offices of Riot Games. The National Press and Publication Administration of China has confirmed that Valorant will be available to play within its borders. This authorization will undoubtedly cause a considerable increase in its players, something that will also benefit the competitive ecosystem in the short and long term. The Asian country is an important scenario in which to have a presence and Riot Games has finally managed to include his shooter.


The video game ecosystem in China, and in other countries, is very different from the one we know today. The Government has the power to suspend the licenses it deems appropriate until they pass a series of bureaucratic processes. This process had been pending for a long time, but in the summer of 2021 everything came to a standstill to give priority to national video games. More than a year later, the Asian administration has allowed 45 foreEsports Extrasgames to be exploited in China, including Valorant Y Pokemon Unite from nintendo.

Valorant arrives in China

So far, the Chinese men and women who wanted to play Valorant they had to join a private network and connect to the Hong Kong servers. Despite all the problems that this would entail legally, the competitive ecosystem had an important Chinese representative: Edward Gaming. From now on, the great Asian country could have its own servers and total freedom, within the limits implemented by the country itself, to enjoy the shooter. We already know all this will cause a huge number of new users that will greatly benefit the title.


In addition to being an important boost to the more amateur community, this news ensures a new mass of lovers of a competitive scene that promises, and a lot, in the next 2023. With all the followers pending the VCT regional, the arrival of Valorant to China will increase the numbers of these championships. Riot Games He can be very pleased to have his two big titles within China’s borders.

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