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VALORANT’s new map could be similar to Bind

We are not yet clear when, but we know that a new map is coming soon to VALORANT. Taking into account that Riot Games announced the departure of Bind and Breeze next January, that would be the moment when this ninth map would arrive at the shooter. From the developer they have offered us some other type of information about this map, such as will have a new mechanic which, as they confirm, will not be crazy.


What we are clear about is that this VALORANT map 9 would be located in India, at least for a series of statements Harbor made at the time. As he stated, he will be in the city ​​of flowersso we can say goodbye to something similar to a Ice box. We could find ourselves in front of a spring or even summer map. What is not clear to us is what will happen when it is activated, since Harbor himself stated that at that moment there would be a great catastrophe.

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What will VALORANT map 9 be like?

Far from the story of the title, which is increasingly taking shape, players are concerned about the desEsports Extrasthat will have. Ultimately, Riot Games is going to remove from the list of available maps a Bind that most of the community liked. For now, it seems that we can rest easy, especially since the clues that they have been offering us seem to promise a lot in terms of their design.

One of the desEsports Extraskeys could be in the image of the night market. Typically the image of a title map is used to introduce this tool. But this time no one recognized the map in question, which has led one to think that it could be the new location. If we look closely, we can conclude that it is a bazaar where there are different products, something similar to what we could find in India. Some say it could be Bind, although people do not have them all with themespecially for that little flower that appears in the lower right area.

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If we look at the statements of the rioter who stated that the new map would be similar to another one currently on the list of available maps, we can think that it is about Bind and that this new map would be similar to the one that will disappear in a month. However, we will have to wait for Riot Games to teach us everything to finally discover what this new location will be like.

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