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Valve confirms the dates of the most important Steam offers of 2023

Valve seems to have radically changed its strategy regarding the announcements of Steam offers, always expected by the pc gamers who want to take advantage of the digital store sales to get hold of a good handful of titles with a discount that allows them to save some money.

A few years ago, it was usual for Valve to publish these offers by surprise.Although the date used to leak ahead of time or we could more or less intuit when the big Steam sales were going to arrive each year.

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However, now the company that runs Gabe Newell seems to want to air when each sale season or special festival is going to be and has published a complete roadmap so that all players know when the most important offers of each year are going to take placealthough obviously surprises are also left without telling us such as the usual sales on certain games during the weekends or offers in different sagas.

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2023 has 14 sale periods left on Steam

Valve has planned for the remainder of 2023 a total of 14 special sales periods or important, with the current Mystery Fest focused on mystery games that began this week and will last until next February 27.

In this article that we publish every year you can consult exactly each and every one of these dates and, for example, the four most important that coincide with the seasons of the year (i.e. spring, summer, fall and winter sales) will have place on the dates that you can read below:

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  • Spring sales: From March 16 to 23.
  • Summer sales: From June 29 to July 13.
  • Autumn sales: From November 21 to 28.
  • Winter sales: From December 21, 2023 to January 4, 2024.