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Valve talks about the potential of a future Steam Deck 2: Gabe Newell thinks about portable virtual reality

The company’s new portable hardware will start arriving at buyers from this February 28.


With Valve’s promising new hardware set to hit its first buyers, Gabe Newelldirector of the company, has been encouraged to talk about the platform future and the road ahead in the portable hardware market. In an interview for EDGE, shared by Gamesradar, Newell has talked about what a future Steam Deck 2 would look like.

The most expensive Steam Deck model has been the most popularIn the interview, Newell highlights the fact that the most expensive Steam Deck model has been the most popular by far, something that would have led him to think of the potential for a future remake of the notebook and how to take advantage of the features that differentiate it from a desktop computer. But let no user raise their hands to their heads, Newell is very clear that the first step is “allowing players to enjoy the great games that exist today.”

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Steam Deck

Newell imagines wearable hardware applications in virtual realityStarting from the premise addressed by Steam Deck, from Valve they would propose new challenges for a second modelfocusing on “the capabilities that mobile devices give us beyond what we would get from the traditional game on a PC.” On these goals, Newell was excited about how companies are developing software that translates PC gaming experiences to the Steam Deck, but would be looking for how to promote the medium.

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“One of the things it represents is high-performance battery power that at some point also could be used in virtual reality applications“, Newell explained in reference to Steam Deck. “You can take that PC and make something that is much more portable. We are not at that point yetbut this is a springboard”. If you want to know more about the new laptop with Valve’s fish tank soul, in Esports Extras we already have it and we’ll tell you everything about Steam Deck.

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