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Vampire Survivors: date and details of the second DLC, Tides of the Foscari

Although his unexpected win at the BAFTA Games Awardsthe Italian studio Poncle will not rest on its laurels and will continue to release content for its popular indie game. Vampire Survivors will receive Tides of the Foscarihis second DLC, we will tell you when it comes out and what we can expect from him on that date.

You can check out a short trailer below, though it doesn’t show much other than some of the new characters.


This expansion will have a theme based on generic fantasy. That’s why the first characters revealed are the most basic archetypes of the genre: the warrior, the thief, and the mage.

When is the second DLC coming out Tides of the Foscari of Vampire Survivors?

The DLC release date Tides of the Foscari forVampire Survivors will be the Thursday April 13, 2023 on Steam.

Let's find out what it's like and when it comes out Tides of the Foscari, the second DLC of the BAFTA-winning game Vampire Survivors.

We still don’t know how much it will cost, but we don’t think it will be expensive. The previous DLC only costs 3,990 Colombian pesos. We also do not know when it could reach the version for mobile devices.

What content will it have?

  • eight new characters
  • Thirteen new weapons, counting the base versions and their evolution. Among them are the ‘Sword’, the ‘Arrow’ and the ‘Magic’.
  • A new setting: the lake forest
  • seven new songs
  • 21 new achievements

If you want to know more about the previous DLC of Vampire Survivors, follow this link. We also invite you to read our game review.

Source: official Steam page of the game